Monday, December 27, 2010

Annual Newsletter 2010

Eric is still traveling for his job and gets to see exciting places. He has been to Hawaii 5 times this year. He has also accepted more responsibility at work learning new classes to teach. Brandi was able to go to Idaho with him again for a week. He is going back to college for his Master’s in Business.
Brandi has finished up her Master’s degree in Special Education and was able to get her Student Teaching done this year. She had a great experience with teaching in her own classroom and had a great Co-Operating teacher working with her. She made new friends and hopes to be able to keep up her friendships. She is hoping to get a teaching job at the beginning of the New Year. Brandi was able to go to Idaho with Eric for a week in March. It gave her a chance to see many different temples that are in Idaho. Brandi had a chance to go to Texas for the first time. It wasn’t for a great reason but got to meet my cousin Dawna’s husband and children. It was a hard trip on her and glad that there was family there with her.
Jake is 11 and in the 5th grade now and is at a new school this year. He is now a foot shorter than his dad and almost as tall as his mother. He tried out for the school Honor Choir and actually made it. He is excited and his first performance is this month. He earned is Arrow of Light and Webeleo’s badge in Cub Scouts. He is now in the New Boy Patrol in Boy Scouts. This is his last year in Primary and pretty soon will be a priesthood holder.
Trent is 9 and in the 3rd grade now and is at a new school this year. He is growing like a weed now and is just a little over 4 feet tall. He just recently earned his Wolf badge in Cub Scouts. He has adjusted well to the new school and enjoys being in the 3rd grade.
Bronley Family
As a family we have been able to take many different trips. We started the year off with going to Flagstaff, Arizona for Brandi to be able to take a test for her schooling. After she was done with the test we spent some great time being able to play in the snow and going sledding for the first time. Another big trip that we took was up to Colorado to see Eric’s brother Chris and his family and little boy Adam get blessed. This was a fun trip to be able to spend time with everyone and to have all the cousins around to be able to play together. We had a chance to be able to take some great pictures of everyone too. We took a couple of trips to Utah. One was for Brandi’s cousin’s wedding and the next one was to visit with Eric’s brother Tim and family. We took a trip to Ventura to help Eric’s dad fix his Grammy’s bathroom floor. We also went to the Ventura Fair and I meet up with a friend that I meet earlier in the year.

We hope that this finds you all doing well this holiday season.
The Vegas Bronley’s
Eric, Brandi, Jake, and Trent

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Working on Grammy's Bathroom.

Recently we went to Ventura to finish working on Grammy's upstairs bathroom floor. In June Eric and Bruce went to help with thie bathroom having water and termite damage to it. So we went back this August to finish it and lay down a tile floor.
Bruce and Eric worked over a couple of mornings in getting the floor laid down. Here Bruce is measuring the floor to find out where the center of the floor is to be able to start laying down the floor.
Here it looks like Eric is just supervising his dad in working on the floor.
Here we are beginning laying down the tile floor and getting it all layed doen and worked out.

Here is the floor finished being layed down and waiting to be grouted.
Here is the floor finished and looking great. We did a great job for not knowing what we were doing. Grammy enjoyed it and was greatful when we were finished and her bathroom looked great again. Now we need to paint it but that is another time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I lost a dear friend and family member

On April 29th, 2010 I recieve a call from my Aunt Vicki to tell me that my cousin Dawna had died in a car crash. She was a beautiful soul that was taken from this earth for another calling. She left behind so many that loved her. She was a loving mother to her children Emily, Adia and Liam. She was a loving wife to her husband Scott. She was a loving sister to Jim, Wayne, Duncan, Jill, and Alexus. She was a loving Aunt to Morgan, Alex, Alyssa, Nevin, Katylynn and Danica. She was a loving cousin to many including me. She is going to be greatly missed.
At her funeral there where so many nice friends of hers there expressing how much she loved everything. It was so nice to see that there will be many people that are going to be there to help the family while they are going through the grieving process. It is going to be weird to not see her smiling face at family functions. But I know that she is going to be watching over us.

Monday, April 19, 2010


As a family we recently took 13 hour road trip up to Colorado to see Chris' family and the new baby. We had a pleasent drive with all 5 of us in the car. We were able to rent a Ford Flex for free with Eric's points from traveling so much and got our hotel stays for free. The perks of him traveling for his job. We enjoyed the lovely senery on the way up and back. Bruce enjoyed pointing out different shapes in the mountains. In one he pointed out that it looked like it had a face on it.

After leaving all the beautiful rocks and entering into the beautiful ski country of Colorado we were able to see Vail and many other ski resort towns and feel in love with all of the beautiful senery.

After traveling all day we got there around 10 at night. We droped Bruce off at Chris' house and went on to our hotel to get some much needed sleep. On Saturday we got together and went to a beautiful park there in Parker and took lots of pictures of the kids and families together. Here is a picture of the 5 oldest grandkids. Starting left we have Trent, Joshua, Layton, Lizzie and Jake.

The boys enjoyed pertending to be army men at this little stream. Here they are holding their guns. Of course you have to imagine them being there.

Here they are plotting about how they are going to cross the stream.
We then got a picture of all the grandkids together. Poor Lizzie is the only girl so far. I know how that feels. I have 6 boy cousins before me and then one after me before I got to have girl cousins to play with. From the left we have Layton, Lizzie, Joshua, James, Trent, Adam and Jake.
The kids even enjoyed getting all together in their own little circle and play games on their DS's. It is cute even Lizzie gets right in there and plays with the boys.

The kids did really well and had fun playing with each other and of course they all had to go in the same car with Uncle Eric and Aunt BB. So we got back from the park first and took pictures of the oldest on the front steps.
Here is a wonderful 3 generation picture with Bruce and all of the brothers and their children.

We even got to take a rare picture of Grandpa holding Lizzie.

Look for more of our trip to Colorado and Adam's Blessing in the next post to come.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Year

We started our New Year with surprising the boys with a trip to Disneyland for New Years Eve. We spent the whole day at Disneyland and California Adventures.
We started the trip off by telling Jake and Trent that daddy need to go to LA for a one day training trip. We rented a car and drove down to LA and found our hotel that was in Santa Ana. The next morning we woke up early and told the boys we needed to find where daddy was going to train. After driving around Disneyland once it took them until we pulled into the parking garage to figure out where we were taking them that day and oh they were so excited.

This was taken on the tram to the entrance to buy the tickets to Disneyland. This time we decided to do a park hopper ticket. So we did both lands.
Here the boys are racing to get into Disneyland they were so excited to see everything. I was excited to be able to see Disneyland all decorated for the holidays
Here the boys are in front of the famous Mickey face and Disneyland Train station.
This is Trent on his first Star Tours ride. Last time we went to Disneyland he was to little to ride this ride. He was so excited to be able to finally get on all of the rides that he wanted to ride. We got to also see the new Finding Nemo ride on the Submarines. But I think the best part was seeing both the boys faces after we got done riding Space Mountain.
One of Jake's favorite characters lately is Jack Skeleton from Nightmare before Christmas. So he was excited to be able to get this picture taken of him with Jack. We also went on the Haunted Mansion ride that was all decked out in Nightmare before Chrismas.
After awhile and a lot of rides at Disneyland we went over to California Adventure to see what that was like. We went and saw the 3-D Muppet movie, rode the Monsters Inc. ride, rode the Grizzily rapids ride twice and soaking wet and we also stood in a long line to ride the Toy Story Mania ride.
As Jake will say mommy loves to have pictures of everything. So I try and document the fun we have.
This is just me with the boys having Eric take more pictures of us.
There was a nice couple that was even nice enough to take our family picture at the Hollywood backlot spot.
We were lucky to find a short line and take some pictures with Characters. We took one with one of my favorite characters Goofy. We even took some with the Cars from the movie Cars.We had a lot of fun but after 17 hours at the park we were ready to go. We stayed all the way until it was New Years Day. We had a great trip and loved being able to celebrate the new year with Disney.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Newsletter

I thought I would also post my Chistmas newsletter on my blog.

Vegas Bronley’s Newsletter

Breaking News:
Trent was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints by his dad on November 28th, 2009.

Is in the 4th grade this year. He was excited to be able to be in the school choir this year and did a wonderful job. He was also chosen to be on the News team by his teacher. Jake is also a Webelo’s in Cub Scouts and is still enjoying to go to scouts. His teachers says that he is a unique character to have in class. Jake also received the Principles award for Citizenship at school for his continued efforts in making his class room environment a happy one.

Is in the 2nd grade this year. He has joined the cub scout this year and is excited to do things that his big brother does now. With his teachers help he has decided reading is not so bad and has improved greatly. Trent also received the Principles award for hard work in the classroom.

She is still being a substitute teacher and is enjoying the chance to work with different students. She has also had the opportunity to go on a couple a training trips with Eric. Eric and Brandi got to take a week and go up to Idaho Falls in June for a training trip that he had up there. She and the boys also went to San Diego with Eric for two weeks. She is almost done with Master’s degree. She will be starting her student teaching next school year.

He traveled more than usual for work this year helping in other market’s mostly in California. We were able to go with him to Fresno, Visalia, San Jose, San Diego and Brandi was able to leave the kids with Grandpa and spend a week with Eric in Idaho Falls. He has now visited 30 different cities in 2 years with AT&T and with the cities he has revisited has almost traveled 100 times.

The Bronley family wishes all of you a happy holidays and the best for 2010

Saturday, December 12, 2009